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Tips for a Great Experience in Thailand

Thailand, a beautiful country and home to numerous beaches. For seafood lovers, you can never run out of options. There is plenty of street foods, clothes, handbags, attractions and things to do. While visiting Thailand, there are things that you should do and avoid if at all you are to have a great experience and avoid getting into trouble with the locals.

  • While Visiting Sacred Places

This takes religion seriously and thus you should avoid doing things that might anger them. For example, while visiting sacred places, you should remove your shoes just like everybody else and dress appropriately. If they don’t wear shorts or miniskirts, avoid them. Learn about common practices before visiting sacred places. 

  • Avoid Crossing Your Legs

You might be used to crossing your legs when you sit. Thais have a unique way of sitting and you will find them sitting on the floor comfortably something that many cannot hack. You should avoid crossing your legs if you visit monks or you are in the midst of elderly people as this is considered disrespectful. 

  • Be Respectful

Thais are respectful people thus you should not attempt to be disrespectful. Be respectful to their religion, Buddha images, to their culture and to all people in general. When it comes to Buddha images, you should be extra careful since if you are not, you could get into problems with the locals and the authorities. You do not want to be jailed in a foreign country. 

  • Learn Some Basic Words

Just like in any other destination, it helps to learn some few basic words. Locals will easily help you if proof that you are interested in their language and you have actually mastered some words. Learn to say hello, say thank you and goodbye among some other basic words. 

  • Be Careful on How you Point Things

You may be used to pointing to things with any of your hands and using one finger. This is an insult in Thailand and should be avoided by all means necessary. 

Learning what to do and not to do before getting into Thailand will make you feel more comfortable. These things should not make you uncomfortable or seem like there are too many restrictions in the country, but are only meant to guide you in having a stress-free experience in the country which has so much to offer.

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