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Tips that will prevent you from getting mugged while traveling

Safety should be at the top of your priority when especially when you are traveling. It can be really difficult to make a comprehensive plan on how you can avoid being mugged or confronted during your travels.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some important steps you can take so that you will not be mugged.

Do your research

Ensure that you do a detailed research about the place you are going to be visiting. Be on the lookout for the area that is considered dangerous. If you are not able to find much information online, then you should ask the locals to mark out areas that are dangerous in your map.

Your appearance

Your choice of clothing and accessories can make you a potential target for muggers. This, of course, does not mean that you should dress shabbily; rather it means that you should avoid dressing extravagantly. Do not wear anything that will draw a lot of attention to you. Ensure that your valuable items are not visible for everyone to see.

Don’t distracted

Muggers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to distract their victims; they may have a female associate that may engage you in a discussion while the rest of their crew carefully steal your stuff. Being present at all times can help you spot muggers before they get to you. While making a phone call or texting, ensure that your valuables are in sight.



It can be really nice to have a drink or two when traveling. But the problem with drinking is that it dulls your senses. When a mugger sees you drinking, he is likely going to view you as vulnerable and will be more likely to attack you.  Drinking too much will put you in a bad position, where you can be kidnapped or robbed.

Be attentive

Always be alert, watch closely the body language of people who are around you. Following your guts could also help you to in this regard. If you happen to notice something that is out of the ordinary in an area, leave there quickly.

Be confident

If you have the body language of a sheep, you will be preyed on. Be confident, let your body language show that you can and will fight back.

In the event that you are confronted by a mugger, don’t try to be a hero by fighting or arguing with them if you do this you might end up dead or seriously injured.

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