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Some of the Small Towns that Are a Must Visit in California

When you are in California and you would like to experience how locals live like, it would be best that you visit its many small towns. There are plenty of them and each offers a unique experience.

•          Explore the Village of Jenner

The village is small and calm making it a perfect destination to unwind on a weekend. Besides admiring the spectacular stunning vistas of the village, there are several other activities to engage in. Visit the Sonoma Coast State Park and enjoy a hike along the beach. When it’s time to eat, you should not worry about it. Enjoy some roasted organic coffee, clam chowder and taffy.

•          Witness thousands of Monarch Butterflies in Pacific Grove

When October finds you in California, you should visit the ‘Butterfly Town USA’. Why is October the best month to visit this small town? This is because it’s during this time of the year, monarch butterflies stop by as they head down to Mexico for winter. This small town otherwise known as Pacific Grove is dotted with butterflies of all colors and sizes.

•          Enjoy Beach Revelry at Hermosa Beach

If you are looking for a fun beach revelry, you should head to Hermosa Beach which is located at the Santa Monica Bay, California. The streets of the small town come to life with outdoor concerts and festivals often as well as live music on the beach. Other activities include; biking, walking, and surfing.

One of the most breathtaking experience is taking a walk along Pier Avenue as you watch the ocean. When it comes to food, there are plenty of options from seafood, Mexican cuisine, craft beer to tequila drinks, you will be spoilt for choice.

·         Experience the Life of Danish in Solvang

This is a double treat particularly to those that have always wanted to visit Denmark. Solvang is a small Danish town located in California that gives you an amazing experience to a point that there are buildings that resemble those in Copenhagen. You will also find windmills, a lot of kitsch and tulips.

For a diverse Danish experience, head to Solvang towards the third weekend of September when the locals have an annual festival. Don’t forget to try some Danish meatballs, duck-fat fries, ableskiver, and other pastries.

Small towns are more rewarding when you want to immerse yourself in the local culture. California is no exception as it offers plenty of small villages that you can visit. While you immerse yourself in the Danish culture in Solvang, you could later enjoy some beach revelry in Hermosa Beach.

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