Travel and Usher in New Year in Style

Across the globe, people usher in the New Year in style. There is dancing, drinking, family gatherings, church-going and parties that take place. This is one of the best times that you can visit new destinations and experience how locals celebrate it. Every destination that you visit will give you a unique experience and it’s an amazing way to immerse yourself in varying traditions. 


If you are in London and you want to experience how Londoners usher in their New Year, you should head to the world-famous London Eye and Big Ben. Mostly this is where people gather including the Mayor of the City. Once Big Ben strikes at midnight, fireworks can be seen in the sky. It’s advisable to get your tickets in good time for the event.


If you are in Dubai, you will have one of the most beautiful experiences. There is a light display that happens at Burj Khalifa at midnight with beautiful sights in the sky. For about 10 minutes, there are musical performances and there is a light show during the Light Up. This happens on a 109,252 square of this gigantic building. Dubai is a fun place to spend your New Year’s holiday. 

New York

When traveling to New York, head to the famous Times Square. The start of the year is marked by the ball dropping once its midnight. This is literally a ball dropping event where a ball is placed at the top of One Times Square and in 60 minutes, it drops 141ft in time for midnight. Once it drops, there are concerts, partying and entertainment. You have to be there by 5 PM so as not to miss out on anything. 


Visiting Sydney? We know we will be aggravating those from Melbourne. I must say that that too is a great city. If you are heading there you can check out Melbourne Airport Accommodation.

But when in Sydney, head to the iconic Sydney Harbor where there are a lot of celebrations that are light by musically-choreographed twin fireworks. They are lit from the surrounding barges and the Harbor Bridge itself. It’s amazing to go on a cruise during these celebrations and appreciate the harbor as well as the city at night from a different angle. The harbor of Light Parade is mesmerizing.

As you ponder on where to spend your New Year, do your best to join the locals in iconic places to usher in the New Year. Sydney, Barcelona, London, New York, and Dubai are some of the destinations that should be on your list. You can never go wrong in these places. 

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