Things to Know When Hiring a Car Abroad

When you travel abroad, you may need more convenience when moving from one point to the other than what you get when you pay for a cab. Hiring a car in your own country is easier than when hiring one abroad. There are things you should know before you opt to hire a car. 


  • Make Prior Arrangements


Making prior arrangements will save you time, the hassle, money, and disappointments from lack of available cars. Booking in advance is better than booking when you get there in terms of rates, convenience, and availability. 

Remember that in some countries you will experience a language barrier but you can communicate better online. Thus, make prior arrangements.


  • Be Clear on the Hiring Conditions


The terms of hiring a car could be totally different from what you are used to in your country. Ask about what time you should pick up the car and what time it should be returned. What are the penalties if you return the car later than agreed?

What is the age limit for hiring the car and what are the gas charges? It’s important that you have the total amount you are supposed to pay to avoid disappointments with hidden charges.  


  • Research if there are Special Discounts


Some car hires companies will offer discounts especially during the weekend and when it’s not busy. You can find such information from airlines that work with car hire companies and also from travel agents. You never know you would get a promo code to save you a good amount of money. 


  • Know the Rates


In some countries, hiring an automatic transmission car is more expensive than hiring a manual one. If you can drive both kinds of transmission, opt for a manual one. It will save you money that you can spend on something else. 

  • Have the Required Documents


One of the most important documents that are a must-have is a driving license. While some countries may accept your existing driver’s license if you come from some specific countries, others will ask for an international driving permit which must be issued from your country.

You should also have your local one. Know what is required of you in advance. 


  • Know About the Traffic Laws


In some countries, traffic laws must be followed to the letter while in some others, everyone is bound to break them. Don’t be tempted to break traffic laws just because everyone else is doing so.

Learn about what should be always in the car such as a breathalyzer in some countries among other things. The car hire company should provide this. 


Having insurance, the right documents, traffic laws information, which roads to avoid due to heavy traffic and knowing how the car hire company operates are some of the things that will give you peace of mind.

Driving a car abroad may be strenuous for you especially when you have to drive from the opposite side of the road. Ensure that you are comfortable with this. 

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