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Ways That You Can Travel on Budget in summer

Some vacations can be quite pricey especially during summer when everyone wants to go somewhere. This does not mean that you cannot travel on a budget. Whether you want to cut down on your accommodation, gas or flight charges, it is possible to travel on a budget during summer. 


Go Where It’s not crowded


During the high seasons, there are destinations that are overcrowded simply because everyone prefers being there. You are on a budget thus you should avoid such places. You need to do your research properly when it comes to this. You can also get great summer discounts when you have options and you are not looking for a specific destination.

Save on Your Flights


There are online booking tools that you can use with some offering lower rates than others. Check whether there are airlines with an offer to a destination you are planning to travel to. The routes with the best fares are usually those that have connections or layovers. Another great way to save on your flight costs is by booking your flights for departure in mid-week instead of the weekends. 


Avoid Excess Baggage


With airlines, you will have to pay for your excess luggage. There are airlines that will give you the first piece free fore checked-in and some kilos inflight but its good you confirm in advance. Try to fit your essentials in the free baggage and if you have to pay, do it online. Since you have limited funds for your trip, try to avoid having excess luggage.


Choose Your Accommodation Wisely


Staying in a four or five star will definitely cost you a lot of money. Check the accommodation options in the destination and see what best suits you. You can actually find a studio room or an apartment with a kitchen that will make more economic sense than having a single room in a hotel. Lodging and hostels will also save you money but do not compromise on your safety and comfort.

Save on Food Costs


Despite having the urge to dine in an exotic restaurant, do not have all your meals there. You can sample the street foods, go to more affordable eateries or even make your own meals in your apartment. You can do some research on the web before embarking on your summer trip.


Summer is a peak season and you will find that traveling can be an expensive affair. The best thing is that you can never run out of the destinations that you can choose from and there are plenty of ways that you can make it affordable.

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Things to Know When Hiring a Car Abroad

When you travel abroad, you may need more convenience when moving from one point to the other than what you get when you pay for a cab. Hiring a car in your own country is easier than when hiring one abroad. There are things you should know before you opt to hire a car. 


  • Make Prior Arrangements


Making prior arrangements will save you time, the hassle, money, and disappointments from lack of available cars. Booking in advance is better than booking when you get there in terms of rates, convenience, and availability. 

Remember that in some countries you will experience a language barrier but you can communicate better online. Thus, make prior arrangements.


  • Be Clear on the Hiring Conditions


The terms of hiring a car could be totally different from what you are used to in your country. Ask about what time you should pick up the car and what time it should be returned. What are the penalties if you return the car later than agreed?

What is the age limit for hiring the car and what are the gas charges? It’s important that you have the total amount you are supposed to pay to avoid disappointments with hidden charges.  


  • Research if there are Special Discounts


Some car hires companies will offer discounts especially during the weekend and when it’s not busy. You can find such information from airlines that work with car hire companies and also from travel agents. You never know you would get a promo code to save you a good amount of money. 


  • Know the Rates


In some countries, hiring an automatic transmission car is more expensive than hiring a manual one. If you can drive both kinds of transmission, opt for a manual one. It will save you money that you can spend on something else. 

  • Have the Required Documents


One of the most important documents that are a must-have is a driving license. While some countries may accept your existing driver’s license if you come from some specific countries, others will ask for an international driving permit which must be issued from your country.

You should also have your local one. Know what is required of you in advance. 


  • Know About the Traffic Laws


In some countries, traffic laws must be followed to the letter while in some others, everyone is bound to break them. Don’t be tempted to break traffic laws just because everyone else is doing so.

Learn about what should be always in the car such as a breathalyzer in some countries among other things. The car hire company should provide this. 


Having insurance, the right documents, traffic laws information, which roads to avoid due to heavy traffic and knowing how the car hire company operates are some of the things that will give you peace of mind.

Driving a car abroad may be strenuous for you especially when you have to drive from the opposite side of the road. Ensure that you are comfortable with this. 

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Tips that will prevent you from getting mugged while traveling

Safety should be at the top of your priority when especially when you are traveling. It can be really difficult to make a comprehensive plan on how you can avoid being mugged or confronted during your travels.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some important steps you can take so that you will not be mugged.

Do your research

Ensure that you do a detailed research about the place you are going to be visiting. Be on the lookout for the area that is considered dangerous. If you are not able to find much information online, then you should ask the locals to mark out areas that are dangerous in your map.

Your appearance

Your choice of clothing and accessories can make you a potential target for muggers. This, of course, does not mean that you should dress shabbily; rather it means that you should avoid dressing extravagantly. Do not wear anything that will draw a lot of attention to you. Ensure that your valuable items are not visible for everyone to see.

Don’t distracted

Muggers have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to distract their victims; they may have a female associate that may engage you in a discussion while the rest of their crew carefully steal your stuff. Being present at all times can help you spot muggers before they get to you. While making a phone call or texting, ensure that your valuables are in sight.



It can be really nice to have a drink or two when traveling. But the problem with drinking is that it dulls your senses. When a mugger sees you drinking, he is likely going to view you as vulnerable and will be more likely to attack you.  Drinking too much will put you in a bad position, where you can be kidnapped or robbed.

Be attentive

Always be alert, watch closely the body language of people who are around you. Following your guts could also help you to in this regard. If you happen to notice something that is out of the ordinary in an area, leave there quickly.

Be confident

If you have the body language of a sheep, you will be preyed on. Be confident, let your body language show that you can and will fight back.

In the event that you are confronted by a mugger, don’t try to be a hero by fighting or arguing with them if you do this you might end up dead or seriously injured.

Things that you might not know about the Vikings

Who were the Vikings? Where did they come from? What was their way of life? There are tons of questions you might have about the Vikings, but many of these questions have already been answered. All you need to do is to make a little research.

Over the years, historians have been able to shed some light on the Vikings which help us understand more about them.

In this article, we are going to discuss some things you probably didn’t know about the Vikings.

Horned helmets

In some Vikings movies, books or costume, they are portrayed to be wearing a horned helmet. This is not entirely true because depiction dating back to the age of the Vikings, show that they did not wear a horned helmet as many of us have been led to believe. Perhaps it was believed that painters in the 19th century fabricated the descriptions of the Norsemen with horned helmet.  The only time that the Vikings did wear a horned helmet was when they were having a ceremony.


Many today bear the thought that Vikings were dirty and must have reeked off an offensive smell. But reports from historians show that the Vikings had very good hygiene. Back then, they had tools for cleaning themselves, like-razors, ear cleaner and even a comb that was made from the bones of animals. Even more, they took their bath more frequently when compared to the Europeans of their time. They also enjoyed having long dips in natural hot springs.

 Liquid and fire

Another thing you might not know about the Vikings is that they used liquid to start a fire. Although they were clean people, they used the human waste product in their quest of starting a fire with a liquid.  First, they collected a fungus known as touchwood from the bark of a tress and will boil it in urine for days. After which they will then pound it. The end product of their little project was a material that could smolder. What this means is that they could take fire with them where ever they went.

The way they buried their dead


Of course, we cannot deny the fact that Vikings love boats. So they considered it a great honor to be buried in one. The Vikings did not fear death, rather they embraced it. They have the belief that warriors go to a festive realm when they died. Fierce Vikings warriors were laid to rest on exotic ship, that is filled with weapon, valuable materials as well as slaves that have been sacrificed

Viking women


Back then Viking young girls got hitched and had the sole responsibility of caring for their homes while their husband sailed to distant lands to discover new things. That said, Viking women back then enjoyed some sort of freedom that was even more than what other women in their time enjoyed. Viking women had the right to inherit a property, request for a divorce and take back their dowries. Another interesting fact is that many drinking horns have been uncovered from the graves of viking women.

Final note

There are tons of things we do not know about the Norsemen, but from what has been discovered about them, we can come to a conclusion that they were great men who loved adventure.

Great New Mexico with marvelous scenario !

New Mexico is a huge state with many wonders to visit and not always known.

Entering from El Paso, Texas, and the first stop is the Carlsbad Caverns National Park, a World Heritage Site, they are caves that stretch up to 230 meters below the surface.

Arrived down there is the self-guided path along 1.6 km. A unique show, stalactites, and stalagmites at every corner seem to have ended up on the bottom of a fossilized prehistoric ocean.

Not every day you can visit this show because the caves are also the den of some fantastic animals, bats! When these little creatures go out in flight you cannot enter, on the other hand, you can attend a whole other show.

Next stop is the picturesque Roswell, twice named All-America city by the National Civic League, whose main attraction is the UFO Museum, a mecca for all the proponents of the extraterrestrial plot! Visitors can explore all the background of what happened in

Obviously, there is also a small store where you can find all the most absurd alien-themed things. Beyond this Roswell is a very welcoming town and the citizens are friendly and nice.

The shortstop in the jewel of the state, Santa Fè! The old capital, very typical, takes us back to the days of the far west, with its adobe buildings in the center that serves as an open-air museum. A lot of space is given to the local art of the Native Americans which also includes a museum and a special space in the main square used for the sale of jewelry and handicrafts. There are many churches including the cathedral of San Francesco. The first house and the first church built in the city are very informative and beautiful to see.

Rio Grande Mountains is another heritage of humanity, is located in Taos Pueblo. Considered the uninterruptedly inhabited community of the oldest United States. With paid entry, which helps to preserve the village, a guide from the tribe takes visitors around and explains the history and the ancient and current customs. Before leaving us, the girl also taught us some words in their mother tongue Tiwa.

The last stop Chaco Culture Historical National Park. Ruins of an ancient community that are divided between the top and the bottom of the canyon (so comfortable shoes and backpack on the shoulder), reachable in half an hour of the dirt road in the car (not always feasible). Very impressive, especially seen from the top of the canyon. At the visitor center the rangers involve visitors with practical explanations of what was the Chaco culture, it is possible to weave fabrics and sharpen arrowheads.




What to Do with a Broken Windscreen when Travelling Australia

When travelling in Australia it is common practice to buy a car to travel up and down the East or West coast. This is because the distances are so far and as a traveller you often want to pull in and stop along the way. Having your own car allows you to do this whereas the bus or train will just continue on till the next stop.

However when travelling long distances you may run into a spot of bother. Car windscreens or windshields are somewhat harder and tougher than the plain glass, but it may get nicked, scratched or completely damaged because of a lot of driving of about hundreds and thousands of miles.

It’s always seemed to be protecting us, so if it does need to be replaced, it must be done in a way safe for you. You really have two choices here. You could contact a windscreen replacement specialist or you could take the risk and try to tackle the task solo. If you are going to replace it yourself you are at the best place to be facilitated, you just need to follow the directions provided here.

Removing an Old Windscreen

Most vehicles have some sort of moldings or trim that encompass the windscreen. Firstly you will have to remove moldings, by carefully removing the clips holding those moldings. These clips can be detached in many simple ways like by pulling straight out, removing the middle first or by pushing in from either side.

Now take off the rear view mirror and registration carefully.  By analyzing the best angle to separate the windscreen from the pinch-weld, you will need a cold knife or a razor. Take your time with the entire windscreen, cut through the urethane bead by using a cold knife or a razor. Urethane is a strong, but flexible, polymer based adhesive. As it is very strong you may have to do this from inside.

Now a detachment of the windscreen can be done with the help of two people. One will push upward away from the pinch-weld and the other will get a hold of the glass from the outside. Once the windscreen is free, use suction cup handles to hoist it up.

Preparing The Pinch-Weld

Scrape off any visible dirt or contaminants as they will reduce the adhesion between windscreen and urethane. The pinch-weld mostly has old urethane which must be dropped down leaving behind a fairly thin layer of about 3 mm because new layer will adhere to the old urethane more effectively.

Sand back any rusty area to bare metal to remove rust. Now cover the non-rusty areas of the car with some tape and sheets of paper or plastic.  Now apply the primer paint which avoids rust forming over time. This will help adhesion with urethane too.

Installation of the New Windscreen

Apply the primer to the frit band which will open the molecules of the urethane increasing the adhesion between urethane and the frit band.

Using an electric caulking gun apply the urethane over the entire space, overlapping the ends once you’ve done a lap. It’s difficult for the bead to remain consistent, so check for any gaps before going further. Take your time but not too much. Any longer than 15 mins can result in setting starting to take place and if you are not done this will cause a bad join and non secure windscreen.

Carefully align the top bottom and sides of the windscreen. Set the windscreen on the right position by using suction cup handles. When u are fully satisfied with the position then damp it down with a little pressure.

Now replace the trim and moldings that have been removed earlier. Give final touch to the scratches (if present) with paint.

Best Travel Destinations in Brazil

Brazil offers a unique experience for all kinds of travelers, everything that can be offered on a perfect vacation package from shopping, adventure, beaches or excellent tours. It is a vast country with many destinations; it is, therefore, advisable to properly plan well for the vacation to experience the most out of Brazil. Below are some of the best spots:

Rio De Janiero

The locals say this was God’s Seventh-day creation. Rio, as it is commonly known, is located in the south-east of Brazil and it is the most frequently visited cities in the whole of South America. The marvelous city combines a stunning landscape and never ending culture. It is famous for its mountains, many landmarks, best beaches and the famous Carnival festival.

It is strategically placed in the world’s biggest harbors and is surrounded by natural attraction sites such as the famous Sugarloaf and Corcovado Mountains. The famous beaches include the Ipanema and the Copacabana. The highlight of the city is the most famous iconic landmark that is the gigantic statue of Jesus Christ the Redeemer that stands atop of the Corcovado Mountain.

There are other spots to visit in Rio, these include

  • The Lagao neighborhood – The exclusive community found in the affluent Zona Sul district is one of the most expensive places in South America. It is home to a huge lagoon referred to as the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. A 4-mile path encircles it and is perfect for joggers and cyclist. Open cafes and restaurants are plenty where you can have an excellent view of the lagoon.
  • Maracana Football Stadium – It is one of the landmarks in Rio and will be home for the World cup 2014 final. It holds nearly 80,000 fans and is one of the largest football ground in Brazil. Turkish football fans should visit this stadium if they have the correct visa requirements via the Turkey Embassy.
  • Ipanema Beach – It is located in the southern zone between the Copacabana and LeBlanc beaches. It has soft white sand and one of the best beaches in the world. Around the beach are shops, open cafes, and restaurants, art galleries, clubs, and theatres.

Sao Paulo

This is the Brazil biggest city and most populated cities in the world. The city is well-known for its skyscrapers, various neighborhoods, landmarks and other points of interest. The city is home to many festivals and carnivals that can only be rivaled by Rio De Janiero’s.

Some of the places you have to visit are:

  • Museum of Art – It has a stunning architecture as well as art. A lot of art-loving tourist visit here to view ancient art and cultural arts as well.
  • Sao Paulo Cathedral, Ibirapuera Park, Vila Olimpia and

Guazu Falls

It offers one of the best natural wonders. It forms a series of 275 tall and stunning waterfalls on the Iguazu River called the Devil’s Throat’ and are one of the biggest in the world. The falls are also surrounded by subtropical rainforest home to hundreds of rare and endangered trees and exotic wildlife. The falls can be reached from Iguazu city by taxi or bus.

Tourists are often reminded to be safe in Brazil. Here are some few tips:

  • Always carry a copy of your driver license and passport
  • Carry a few notes of money and preferably use credit cards for big purchases.
  • Have the emergency telephone number, business card for your hotel or taxi driver always.
  • A cell phone placed safely in your pocket

Different Modes of Travelling to Another Country

The people’s movement among the distance from one geographical location to another will be known as travel. It allows people to travel by using foot, bicycle, train, automobile, airplane, boat, and bus. These travels can be included a short stay with or without luggage. The travel may be the cause of recreation, tourism and gathered specific information. Travel is trying to give pleasure to people. It helps us to provide relaxation. It motives to give a chance of discovery and exploration of new things to the people. It’s purpose to getting knows about the culture of different places or countries peoples. There are following ways of travel with wanting to travel to another country:

Railway Travelling

The way of traveling by train is one of the best and secure ways from a location to another. The train traveling provides us facilities to transport large and heaviest luggage from one to and another side. While traveling in train allow people to do many different things like reading, watching, writing and playing. It provides a chance to talk other people which you never met before. It also helps to enjoy with family and friends. Train traveling is the safest way of transportation from breakdowns and accidents. It is the best mode of traveling then car and planes.

Road Travelling

The way of traveling by car is considered one of the easiest ways for going anywhere. Sometimes in small places bus or any other transportation are not available, the car can be used in these places. We can spend time or holidays when and where we want. In most advanced cars, GPS are introducing which help to get a car and go. Car traveling helps us to save our time. In some emergencies situations, we have to go hospital we don’t need to wait for the bus, the car is the best alternate of this.

Water Travelling

Boat traveling is considered one of the best ways of transportation. It plays an important role carry the import and export things from Japan, Korea, China and France into our country. During natural circumstances like flood and rain etc. other transport stop working, while boat traveling will help in this matter. To the cost or traveling by car or train is very high rather than the total cost of traveling on ship or boat. The ship also plays an important role for the defense of the country. It is also helpful to carry heaviest and bulky things or petrol tanks from one country to another.

Air Travelling

Air traveling is considered one of the best, fastest and comfortable traveling. It helps to cover the long distance from one place to another. It helps to save time and reach people on time in their destination. Its purpose of giving comfort to people and allowing do like reading books, listening music, watching movies and playing games. The process of flying arrangement is very convenient; people can buy tickets by telephone and using the internet, etc. The attendant in the flights provides their best services to all the passengers. We just call once, and they appear to help us.

Simple Tricks when Traveling with Kids

As a parent, one of the most frustrating things for you could be traveling with your kids. Even as a passenger on a plane, you may hate to travel with people that have kids or babies on board buses, planes or trains. You try to avoid sitting next to them at all cost. Some passengers even choose their seats at the front of the plane to get away from parents and their kids. To the parent traveling with kids, you benefit from priority boarding.

Keep Them Entertained

When traveling with your children, it is recommended that you keep them entertained. Children can easily get cranky in cramped spaces and generally have short attention spans. If you have a tablet, load a couple of their favorite shows on it for them.

If they can read travel with their favorite books and if it’s a baby generally anything can easily entertain them especially if it’s sparkly. When these options fail, consider engaging them in games. If you are in a moving vehicle; consider counting a specific color car that passes by or shapes naming exercises. You can also consider taking a coloring book on the trip if the child is old enough.

Keep Them Fed

Even adults feel the air pressure when traveling in air planes and it is highly uncomfortable for them. Imagine the discomfort kids feel especially babies. It is usually advised that a person experiencing this swallow repeatedly or chew gum. You are not going to give your child gum so give them a snack or juice to sip on when the plane takes off so that they can swallow until the plane reaches its desired altitude. They will be less cranky and your baby probably most likely is not going to cry on the journey.

Kid looking at plane through glass at airport Take Nights Flights

If you are taking a long trip the best time to travel with kids is not in the day time but in the night. Flights are cheaper in the night and chances are their activities in the day would have worn them out so they would be ready to sleep once the lights go off in the cabin. Even if you are traveling in a bus, night time travel would be better for kids as they would have less energy and are more likely to sleep through the journey. If possible avoid layovers and take direct flights. Long travel can be a nightmare for kids and parents.

Seek Help From Experienced Travelling Parents

Imagine a single mother traveling with a toddler and a baby alone. Each airline gives you an option to request special assistance, take advantage of this. If you are traveling alone don’t be afraid to ask other passengers on the flight or even the flight attendant to assist you. There were movies that showed children going missing on flights so paranoia is expected. However, a perpetrator can’t exactly get far in the air. Further, when claiming your baggage you could ask a fellow passenger to assist in grabbing it and putting it on a trolley.

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